About us

Gällöfsta Perlan Ledarskap develops organizations and leadership, promoting an environment where individuals can grow and achieve impactful results together.

In partnership with our clients, we help organizations enhance their culture, leadership, and employee engagement. Our ambition is to contribute to vibrant organizations and individuals in a sustainable and complex world.

Gällöfsta Perlan Ledarskap engages in initiatives across the entire spectrum of leadership and organizational development. Our main areas of focus are:

  • Development of organizational culture and values
  • Management team and team development
  • Open and in-house leadership training programs
  • Manager and employee coaching/guidance, individually and in groups

Consultant network

Gällöfsta Perlan Ledarskap collaborates closely with clients in partnership with a network of consultants. Our consultants hold bachelor’s degrees in various fields, such as socioeconomics, human resources, and behavioral science, and undergo additional education in areas such as UGL training, coaching, gestalt therapy, and more.

The diverse range of experience and expertise in our network facilitates personalized matching of the right consultant to the right assignment. Joint competence development occurs systematically through development days, further training, and ongoing guidance. The consultant network is led by the consultant manager, who is a licensed psychologist, and responsible for matching, quality assurance, and guidance.

Our approach and values

At the heart of Gällöfsta Perlan Ledarskap’s philosophy lies a foundation grounded in experiential learning and a process-oriented approach. We leverage reflection and dialog as key tools for continuous learning and development. Our strengths encompass adeptly observing and managing group dynamics, igniting curiosity, and thereby fostering both individual and collective learning.

Our core values articulate how we aspire to be and what we stand for:

  • We are co-creators – co-creating both with the group and the client, sharing responsibility for the outcome.
  • We are well-grounded – as consultants, we embody self-assurance, maintaining an ethical approach rooted in humanistic values, and shaping our methodology based on scientifically grounded theories.
  • We are curious – fostering self-reflection and embracing new perspectives. Our inquisitive mindset encourages exploring others’ good intentions while we dare to challenge the status quo.

Company and operations

The company was established in 1971 and is owned by the Gällöfsta Utbildningscentrum Foundation. The foundation is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, and its chairperson is appointed by the government. The foundation also owns Gällöfsta Konferens, located at the center’s facility in Kungsängen, west of Stockholm. The majority of our residential training sessions take place there. We have offices and meeting rooms for coaching and group activities in central Sundbyberg at Landsvägen 39. The company comprises approximately 10 employees and a network of around 30 consultants.

Our organizational consultants