Organizational development

Organizational development

Our mission is to develop organizations and leadership, promoting an environment where individuals can grow and achieve impactful results together.

We actively assist organizations in strategy execution, leading change, and cultivating a resilient culture, values, and a robust leadership framework.

Our shared starting point is your foundation—strategy, governance, values, and leadership philosophy. Our consultants contribute to your development by creating a dialogue and engagement within the organization. We follow, challenge, and reflect your goals. Drawing on a wealth of experience and theoretical expertise, we clarify the dynamics of leadership, while emphasizing and reinforcing well-functioning aspects.

Gällöfsta Perlan Ledarskap conducts development initiatives within:

  • Development of organizational cultures and values
  • Management Team development
  • Team development and conflict management
  • Internal leadership and employee programs
  • Management coaching/supervision in a group setting
  • Individual coaching and supervision

In change management, optimal impact is achieved by simultaneously addressing multiple levels throughout a sustained process over time.

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